Want the House Sold in the new year? These 7 Tricks

Has a large amount of residential space adequate sleep seems to be a yearning almost everyone. Especially when the fruit of the heart was already moving up and whining have own bedrooms.

Not only that, there is another request from his wife, who wanted a more spacious kitchen or living room that no one with a special family room. It’s like, you want to embody all the petition immediately in order to please them.

Unfortunately, the House is populated is not currently possible to renovated according to needs, so it requires that you are looking for a new residence.

But before buying a new home, the first thing you have to prepare is funding. To get more funds instantly, you have to sell your current home. Then what is the strategy of telling your home immediately in order to be successful?

Quoted from a, building advisory service in Australia, Archicentre, calling the 10 rumah di solo  stages so that your home more beautiful and able to captivate the hearts of prospective buyers.


Have a garden in the yard of the House is the same as like having extra space. In order that maximum resale value, create a garden that is similar with the facade of the House.

In addition to being able to provide coolness, beauty and comfort to anyone who sees it, children can also lower levels of pollution as well as stabilize the temperature in the House.

You can beautify your garden by putting native plants and exotic plants, as well as fish ponds as its appeal.


Be sure the fence that was installed is compatible with the style of the House. The use of a wood fence will bring your home into the style of classics such as Edwardian or Victorian.

You can apply the stained glass motif of birds or flowers for the House, Victorian and art deco sunburst motif to Edwardian. However, in the modern style homes use this fence is considered less attractive.


The other thing you need to do at the moment is about to sell a home is by cleaning, tidying and did the painting.

Select the color of the paint that is neutral and elegant so interesting and impressing the home ready to be occupied. Because of course the buyer wanted a ready-made home and does not require a lot of renovation.


The presence of the canopy in the carport of the House certainly adds to increasingly cool and beautiful. The canopy is the additional roof usually mounted on the face of the House, which serves as a peneduh because it is often accompanied by plant vines.

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Wall Cracks

Do not let the problem of wall cracking but interest potential buyers of your home. For that you need to pay attention to the condition of the walls in each room. When you find it, please contact services home renovation to fix it.

Hardwood Floors

When one of the rooms in the House that you will sell to use wood flooring, then give intensive care.

Because hardwood floors more quickly absorb water and moist compared with tiled floors. So the stain of dust and liquids will be more difficult to be eliminated rather than tiled floors.

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Select and use the appropriate cleaning rag, it is good and correct. Note the large number of fluid being poured, not too much, as this can leave stubborn stains and the more difficult it is cleaned in the hardwood floors.


A clean and well maintained ceiling adds to the comfort of the House. But dirt and dust especially spider nests attached, often make it not unsightly.

Because cleaning the ceiling is an easy job, then you can do it yourself with the help of a broom or brush.

Buy A House? Also in need of additional Expenses

Easing the provision of Loan to Value (LTV) by Bank Indonesia (BI) since August 1999, in fact be a fresh breeze for property seekers. The easing could allow consumers to buy a home with an affordable down payment magnitudes.

Although the House is yours, prepare the extra funds also to renovate several parts in the new House. According to Elga Devanya, Administrator of the KPR in House, the jewel of the castle of harmony 2, Cileungsi, not least the consumers who renovate their homes after the timeout interval 100 complaints a day after handover of the unit.

“There is a standard raw is not changed by developers in the 100 days of the complaint, such as installation rumah solo  or disposal of water. In order for consumers to have adequate instalansi, they are renovating the anniversary according to needs and financial readiness, “said Elga.

Similar with Elga, Anastasia Safeer Ahmad, marketing Residential Ciomas Hills also recognized that for the sake of convenience, not least the consumers to have to replace his home devices, such as door until sanitair.

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The following is a list of expenses that generally you should provide post-war home purchase:

1. Deepen the well water and widen the septic tank

In certain circumstances, you may need to create or deepen the well to get good water quality. For example, the drinking water service company (PAM Jaya) who haven’t touched Your residential area.

“In addition to deepen wells, consumers also should widen the septic tank. The width of the septic tank should ideally tailored to the number of family members living in the home. While the size of the septic tank width given by the developer is usually still revolves around 1 metre with a depth of 1.20 meters, “said Elga.

He suggested that inhabited houses four people should have a septic tank as wide as 2 meters. “The cost of the widened septc tanks and deepen the well bore this could cost around Rp3 million – Rp3,5 million,” he said.

2. Replace door and hinges

After buying the House, check the condition of the door leaf. According to Elga, most consumers much of the change leaves the door with security reasons.

“Leaves the door brings the consumer of course complies with the standards that currently offered by early developers. However, because of the safety factor and perhaps aesthetics often encourage consumers to replace leaves the door. ”

Replacement door also makes consumers feel more secure, because the key to his house ever takes part replaced.

3. Kitchen Remodeling

Some residential not close their kitchen section. This makes consumers should renovate the kitchen with the addition of building materials. “The cost of remodeling the kitchen is quite varied, usually the cheapest Rp10 million – to parlay the million,” said Elga.

Anastasia added, “these renovations are usually done for residents who are already married and having children. On the contrary, for those who aren’t married are usually not in a hurry, while you raise money, “he added

4. birthday Painting

New home owners are usually repeated repainting interior and exterior home to feel the nuances that correspond to his expectations. Usually, the user must prepare a budget of around Rp 30,000/square meter for painting the walls.

5. The cost of adding sanitair

While reading the specification building on brochure, you may feel is not suitable with a choice of predefined sanitair brand developer. If the building is not yet so you can request product options themselves.

If a building already so you have to set up extra funds to replace shower (around Usd 200,000), the closet (approximately USD 3,000,000) and sinks (approximately USD 500,000)

Currently, there is an easy and sophisticated way to know your unit in three dimensions through the Review of Property

Buy A Used House Bureaucracy Vs. Used Cars

The process of buying a home and a car – even though the payoff equally credit – is something different. Yes, though both are indeed possible to use financing through banks or leasing.

If buying a home are called credit MORTGAGES (Mortgages), then on the purchase of cars known as KPM (Car ownership credit). And both also equally enforce provisions of Bank Indonesia as a minimum DP 25 – 30 per cent of the value of the sale.

For the difference usually lies in the bureaucracy of the filing or maintaining pembiayaannya. Compared with a car leasing, leasing arrangements of the House will be a little extra effort. In addition to the seller, the buyer, and banks, there is still a party member who was instrumental in the legality of home credit in the process.

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And for more details, check out the difference:

Former Home Loan

The large number of parties involved makes the process of bureaucratic filing home loan is a bit troublesome. Moreover, everything is indeed to be done alone by buyer. In fact, some times the bank and the notary will require the presence of husband and wife (buyers) to affix the signature.

With the length of the process that must be traversed to mean there will also be additional costs that must be incurred. So in addition to the purchase price of the home, there will be also the administrative fee which must be paid to the bank, appraisal fees, insurance, provision, and also the cost of the notary.

Notary fee itself covers a number of the costs between them as the cost of checks, validation certificate of tax Sale Certificate, (AJB), the cost of Turning the name (BBN), a power of attorney to give rights to Dependents (SKHMT), and the Act of Granting rights to Dependents (APHT). And if combined it costs around Rp 5 million.

Time of filing home loan, the bank will also perform the appraisal. Starting from judging whether the buyer deserves to be given a loan, and how the funds should be digelontorkan bank to the buyer. Usually the number is around 80 percent of the price of the House being the remainder must be paid by the buyer to the seller.

Appraisal of the bank is certainly not free. There is a fee charged banks to do appraisal and survey. And the bad news, not necessarily the buyer will obtain the consent of the bank. So before you file a MORTGAGE it is recommended to measure your financial capabilities.

Used Car Loan

While filing for CAR LOANS or car loans to banks is relatively easier than filing the KPR. So after finding a car and the appropriate price, the buyer can directly ask the loan financing to the bank.

The process of initially i.e. fill the submission form and attach the required documents (such as identity cards, family card, TAX ID, marriage licenses, husband/wife photo, salary slips, etc).

After the document is complete, then the bank will send a team of Surveyors to see their homes and others to determine whether the buyer deserves a loan or not.

A number of banks are offering CAR LOANS programs vary. Ranging from interest rate differentials, non specific costs, insurance packages, ease of payment, up to the tenor of credit up to 4 or 5 years for used cars.

However some banks also limited the types of financing used cars that will put forward – is usually based from the age of the car. Certainly almost all brands and types of cars are there in Indonesia could have filed its credit financing. Even some banks also undertakes the financing of cars though not sold in Indonesia.

As with any purchase of MORTGAGES, as jamainan, the bank will also save files or important documents of the car (REGISTRATION) for the buyer of mengangsur in accordance with the tenor of the agreed credit.

Interestingly, during the process of mengangsur, if buyers have more money and want to pay off, most banks will allow it. Surely there is a small additional fee that must be paid.

Unlike the MORTGAGE in which the bank has prepared a penalty when the buyer pay off the debts before running out the tenor of credit. Usually the amount of 1% from the rest of the credit must be repaid principal.

Indeed if compared to leasing outside the bank, bank CAR LOANS is much more difficult and require more time. But surely it is far easier than taking care of the KPR.

How to Improve UPVC French Door Security

UPVC French Door Security UPVC French doors are popular options for most houses with patio. It is connected the home interior with patio. Unfortunately, some people are worried about UPVC French door security. Unlike the UPVC front doors, UPVC French doors are easier to break in. it has some vulnerabilities. In order to improve the security of such door, it is important to understand the weak spot of the door first. It allows you to figure out how to improve its security. Here is some information that you might find helpful to make your UPVC French door more secure than it was before.

Easy Tips to Increase the UPVC French Door Security

The UPVC French door security becomes important aspect to consider when you have one in your home. In general, all types of UPVC doors are designed to be secure. Unfortunately, it has some weak points on its design and structure. When people break in to your home through this door, the first thing they do is trying to lock pick the locking mechanism.

Alternatively, they might also break the hinges as well. Both of them are the weak spot of the UPVC French door structure. In this case, you might need to upgrade them in order to improve its security.

The locking mechanism of UPVC French door often comes with the handle. By replacing the handle with better security, you will be able to improve the security of whole door as well. The same method is applicable for UPVC front doors. In accordance to the previous explanation, the hinges are also the weak point of UPVC French doors structure. In this case, you might want to add more hinges to the door. However, keep in mind to install it from outside. It prevents people trying to break in your house to access the hinges from the outside when it is closed. As you can see, improving UPVC French door security can be done by replacing the door handle and adding the hinges.

Getting Discounts on Various Types of Hunting Clothing and Gear

parka ladies

Shopping Savings on Numerous Shopping Clothes

Shopping isn’t a new comer to our culture. Its origins could be tracked back again to the primitive instances when people used-to live in caves for success and food. As more of the activity that’s its origins, shopping is attacked using the changing situations.

Like every additional activity, shopping also includes apparel, which is really a must in addition to unique equipment for almost any significant shopping fan. Using the web growing into every part of our lifestyles, we discover certainly a quantity are of online shopping websites with attractive presents like ” hunting purchase, shopping promotion, shopping discount, shopping purchase” etc.

Noise financial sense is made by obtaining a shopping discount like a section of numerous online acquisitions towards the significant sportsman who’s attempting to conserve money. Should you browsed the web for shopping revenue, a shopping discount-store might provide you with really profitable choices. A shopping discount store not just provides discount rates however it also makes top manufacturers that are available to everybody in a reduced-rate.

parka ladies
parka ladies

The shopping discount shops provide revenue of leading manufacturers that fulfill all quality requirements besides attractive to the clients’ preferences and requirements.

Two items which really are a “should” when you’re searching for shopping equipment would be Redhead CWS jaket Parka and the Redhead Bibs for males. These are typically provided in a really large discount at any shopping revenue website. Redhead CWS Parkas and redhead Bibs are produced from the highest quality breathable material that helps transport of work away from apparel.

By placing requests estimating the shopping equipment online signal combined with the promotion that will provide one more discount the Redhead CWS Parka could be quickly bought online. This parka is just a genuine price for that cash because it includes the very best of style components just like a thermal ship, extra-efficient wallet strategies, sweat-proof material, taffeta lining, under arm gussets, an extra-peaceful cotton layer, removable insulated cover plus some of the styles also provide complete-zip-front and storm-flap it creates this bit of equipment really attractive to the typical hunter. You are able to virtually search in a carrying one of these simple!

The Redhead Bib for Males, that will be also accessible reduced makes an ideal friend for that Redhead CWS Parka. A shopping discount makes sense when purchasing equipment to make use of, as whonot wish to conserve money today.

These are simply two types of perfect-use of shopping revenue that provide gear that is amazing in a large discount. Therefore the the time you wish to purchase some fresh equipment browse the revenue and every other deals that provide apparel and gear in a bargain-rate.

Ideas for Modern Eat-In Kitchen Designs

Modern Eat-In Kitchen Designs

Having a formal kitchen design is so boring. That is why; it is time for you to change your usual kitchen design into modern eat-In kitchen designs. There are several ideas for you to understand before you pick this kitchen style. In this chance, the ideas about eat-in kitchen will be delivered for you. The first thing to do for making the eat in kitchen style is about the room management. The space must be well managed. In this kitchen style, you must deal with the open floor plans. It means that the kitchen must be combined with the dining room. For modern home design, this kitchen style will be great thing to apply.

The second point is about the furniture selection. There are so many furniture sets in kitchen such as cabinets, tables, and chair. Dealing with the dining room decoration, you must bring sets of furniture also. Because the eat in kitchen style must deal with limited space, of course you must think about the right furniture style. Dealing with this matter, it is recommended for you to choose the simple furniture ideas. You may pick unique table for dining .But the tables must be in simple look. Just get information about the perfect kitchen tables and chairs in the online stores for more inspirations about modern eat-In kitchen designs.

Wall paint color option will be a great thing to consider. You need to install furniture on good color. However, the main thing in the kitchen decoration is about the wall paint. For getting perfect look, it is better for you to choose bright color option for wall paint. Do you know why? It is for giving the larger look to the kitchen decoration. Now, what you have to do now is just thinking about budget for decorating this kitchen. Make sure that you have enough money for buying furniture to modern eat-In kitchen designs.

7 Tips on Shopping Frugally Tricks & Monthly so that Nobody Feels Robbed

Many women sometimes feels like it’s been robbed shortly after shopping, but it looks like it’s just-purchased it only and not so much. Ever feel like this too? Don’t be fooled, you may not know the right tricks to save your money more efficient while shopping.

Sometimes you also need to know some ways to save when shopping spending monthly. This is the trick.

Write a shopping list
This is a basic essential before going shopping. This not only serves to prevent forgetfulness buy stuff that counts, but also the limitations of what’s important and not important for purchase, so you don’t buy all kinds of film.
Own shopping
It is sometimes more efficient than own shopping Shopping with the family. You also have to pay for what they buy. Not mean stingy, but if you’re scrimping, better shopping alone.
Take advantage of discounts
When there is a discount on items that you always need each month, it’s worth to buy 3-4 times the amount you usually buy. Be sure to also expire date still long for the months ahead, so that you don’t buy useless.
Buy a cheap product
No doubt for maintaining this rule, however, does not mean you neglect the quality. Choose a product with a promosi katalog price more friendly with almost the same quality or not much different from the product that is super expensive.
Buy fruits and vegetables that are season
If it were the season Mango Mango, buy more. Buy fruits and vegetables that are panennya season is definitely cheaper because many are found everywhere. Buy a vegetable that has always existed without the season, such as Kale, mustard greens, and spinach, which is usually very cheap. be sure to also buy sparingly, because fresh vegetables are not durable.
Don’t often buy meat
If you want to cook the meat, just 1-2 weeks once. You can replace the beef with chicken meat that cost cheaper. If there is a fish, you can also buy it as an alternative to price more obliquely.
Abdominal fullness when shopping

Alert, This Is The Sign That You’re Addicted Shopping

Some people consider shopping is the most potent stress medication. When you start shopping with tired, you will feel happier. Buy things that you like will make you feel comfortable, and don’t need the controversy should do what. But if it is too much, a penchant for shopping can be a disease called shopaholics.

Ladies, these are signs that you are addicted to shopping. Lest this makes you involved problems.

Expenses you have meaning beyond the budget. When you experience a shopping promo weekend addiction then you will spending exceeds the budjet you provide specifically for shopping. Even you willing to trim spending to meet other important shopping desire.

Shopping outside the plan. You go to the store plan wants to buy what the different but ultimately bought in hopes you’ll start buying such items.

When you felt guilty for buying goods in excess, you shall restore it but just to buy the goods of the other expenditures.

The relationship with some of the people closest to the issue because there was a little irritated with the habit.

You shopping cart is only to divert anxiety, anger, depression and feeling lonely.

You will feel empty when not carrying a credit card.

When shopping you will feel happy is excessive and feel have done a fun time shopping.

Are you obsessive will think of the money, and how to get it in large numbers in an easy way.

You feel guilty when the massive spending and too much. but you then repeat it again.

Ladies, says a sign that you are experiencing addiction in shopping. Bijaklah in shopping, don’t just obey the wishes of course. Be wise, Ladies.

Avoid shopping when hungry stomachs, because most likely you would be interested in buying anything, especially food or snack makes you tempted. You may not realize it, but a hungry stomach shopping with proven to make larger spending because often you buy goods that are not needed.
So, already knows what you need to do to get around the menggunung grocery budget? Because now the plastic shopping have to pay, you better bring your own shopping bags from home. Try to save money by paying attention to the little things in the round.

Good News, Hobby Shopping Turns Out To Make Longevity Lho!

Good News, Hobby Shopping Turns Out To Make Longevity Lho!

During this time many people assume if it’s just a waste of money shopping only. Well, indeed shopping bags will drain, but it turns out that behind it all shopping has tremendous benefits for health. Offered by b, shopping turns out can make you a more youthful and even long-lived lho Ladies. Wow!

Women who love shopping will be so healthy and youthful as they often meet with many people. This will make them not feel lonely and improve the health of their minds. To own physical shopping will make the body move. This is the same as sports, when shopping you will be sued for a lot of walking down the shops and hunting items that you want.

Additional benefits are stress will subside because of the nature of the rekreatif shopping. Though not shopping and just window shopping eyebrows look around, you will feel comforted and stress will be reduced. When the shopping center would control hormone production of the brain dopamine that makes people happier. This is one reason why so many women are stressed while shopping.

Do not just stop there only Ladies, according to a study of shopping can burn calories to 600 calories in a span of 3 hours only. In this way you can also get the slim body with frequent shopping. Hopefully this information useful Yes Ladies.

The beginning of the month when money monthly already liquid, well it’s time you set the monthly money you Ladies. Set the budget you have to adjust as best as possible so that the end of the month later you don’t go bankrupt.

Ladies, here’s how to spend monthly to avoid bankruptcy. Yuk, check out his review as follows:

Check the ingredients you Have
Check out the materials that you are still you have will help you to know the ingredients you need for a month ahead. You’ll know it will cook anything a month ahead. Plan as best as possible so that you don’t buy the wrong.

Reveals The Secrets Of Sound Guitar Eross Candra So7


Who does not know Eross Candra, guitarist and songwriter of the band pop Jogjakarta Sheila on 7 is one of the guitarists who are very consistent against his guitar sound, Bright and overdrive.

In every action of his, overdrive sound has always been the main choice. Any guitar amps are always in the position of the drive. Do not miss your favorite pedals Eross tubescreamer CPUs for memboost in order to get a longer sustain time of lead or melody guitar.

“The position of kob drive direction 16, tone and level 1 hour 3 hours!”, his emphatic when asked about the setting at tubescreamernya. As for getting a clean sound deadly tubescreamer Eross and close to half the volume in his guitar.

In the selection of guitars for recording, Eross very selectively choose what fits for guitar rhythms and songs were taped. For stuffing new rhythm, Eross extensive use of acoustic guitar. The current flagship acoustic guitar is the Gibson Western Country which is Sheryl Crow signature series.

At the session of electric guitar to the tune of upbeat Eross prefer wearing a Les Paul Custom 1972 hers to produce guitar sound responsive reply. As heard on the song true friends (album of classic Stories for the future), How Worthy (07 Dec), and Radio (507).

As for the song that beat, medium Fender Guitar on trust eross to better get the characters bright and crunch in each passage typical of him. Still. With vintage guitars, he used a Fender Telecaster and Stratocaster 1967 1971 as heard in our song (album Sheila on 7), and (Sheila on7), an Afloat There (hold-The Best of), How (determine the direction)

The name Didit Saad has been very well known amongst guitarists, Guitarist of British Rock, Jazz, Pop and Blues this is seriously played guitar since the age of 11 years.Music talent easily grown due to the Owner’s full name is Farid Ahmad grew up to a family of musicians.
After playing with a couple of musicians such as Arthur Kaunang, Iwa K, Imanez this Ottojam, and Oppie Andaresta birth Jakarta, guitarist 11Maret 1973 it established and became a member of the Plastic band and toured with them.
Together with the plastic he managed to spawn three albums. Their first album, “plastic” (self titled), was released in 1995, followed by “instinct” and harmony of the psycho-1997, and “.”. Listen to at the moment of calm “-1999 (Bulletin of the music).
Didit also plays for portraits and Melly Goeslaw recording sessions and a tour of their promo from 1998 until 2006.
In mid-2000 he retired from plastic and decided to meproduseri solo album Viera Kesepian “debuted # 1” (Target Pro Records). As a consequence gitar akustik yamaha
of the album and itsmusic travel Viera Kesepian, Viera Kesepian Didit and make acquaintance with Syaharani then tried to support him by making an album project called “Magma” (EKI Prod), and released in 2002, followed by ESQI: ef (Syaharani and Queenfireworks project)-for you (RPM record) in 2006.