Assorted Ornament Vault

Assorted Ornament Vault

The existence of the mosque on earth earth is quite a lot considering the majority of the population of Muslim Indonesia. Any construction now is not limited on functions but also see the beauty begin from the porch, pillars, towers, walls, floors, and ornaments of the dome of the mosque. The dome on the mosque even became the hallmark of the mosque where the more famous thanks to the uniqueness and the beauty of its design. This time the artists very detail in doing projects when designing and painting ornaments on the walls, either a pole or the dome of the harga kubah masjid galvalum mosque. The ornament itself from one of the artists to other artists of course produce a different beauty. Resulting in the diversity of the existing mosque dome in the archipelago.

Generally the making of ornaments vault for more durable use special ink or paint. Construction materials used in the dome of the mosque was also influential in the durability of the paint. Many construction options to choose from like the weathered concrete, copper, enamel steel and galvalume. Some construction materials circulating in the market one of the best is a mild steel or galvalume. These materials also anti against rust. This material is perfect for making powerful Vault is sturdy and durable. In addition to this ornament on the dome of the main galvalume material guaranteed to hold more than 10 years. Vault ornament made from the outer coating is galvalum Vault-shaped panel/box box.

Making ornaments vault requires quite a long time and usually in order to ornament the weather resistant paint usually chosen is water based acrylic paints are impervious to rain or heat. The ornaments will be combined with ornate calligraphy, clouds or plain without any form of other escorts. The calligraphy chosen is usually used in Turkey, the Persian calligraphy calligraphy and Arabic calligraphy. Calligraphic ornaments applied on the interior as well as its unique dome mosque with a special technique.

The mosque is very important for Muslims to worship and establish communication with each other. Not uncommon to ornament a beautiful vault into attraction as in the mosque of the Islamic Center of America chose Golden ornament which is very pretty. Not only in Indonesia, the Taj Mahal in India employ artists to make the ornament the vault as well as forbidding them to make the same ornament in another mosque.

The main materials used in the manufacture of ornament at the Taj Mahal is of marble brought from Agra which is 60 km from the Taj Mahal. The ornament was made by way of a chiseled or carved with detail. Initially the marble stones were cut, crushed by way of digerinda, then diwarna’d like marble parts were dicoak with sharp nails. After that Sapphire and Onyx stones put on a marble that is already dicorak.

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