Bio Guitarist Chick Indonesia-Prisa Younger Brother

Bio Guitarist Chick Indonesia-Prisa Younger Brother

Who is not familiar with the prettiest girls rock guitarists in indonesia namely Prisa sent the Rianzi Arini girl rocker this very beautiful original jakarta hoby play guitar since I was in JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL until now.

Girls birthday in the month of january, inisangat love to play the song rock underground genre of ber no wonder until now almost all video footage of prisa on youtube for sure play guitar with rock or rock underground.
quick trip successful prisa
the owner of the dwarf Power Chord began publicly known in 2005 until mid-2006 at the underground scene with bands, the outermost Zala. The band that all band’s style is this chick simply seized the attention. skill they master is not less intersting band band guy finally lohhh prisa in nobatkan as Miss guitarist dot com. chanter song gitar akustik
steal you anymore this is also not quite happy up here in June 2006 prisa incorporated in a new band named Dead Squad.

In this band he was paired with one of the guitarists from the family items is also a personnel Andra The Backbone &, Stevie Item. Then in July, Prisa was honored to collaborate with one of maestro guitar Indonesia, Eet Sjahranie in appearance Edane in PRJ. up to July 2007 Prisa was awarded outstanding i.e. diendorse by Jackson Guitars.

He is contracted to use guitars Jackson DKMG Arch Top. A novel which phenomenal considering he was the guitarist in the first diendorse Indonesia by Jackson Guitars.

The position of a guitarist in a band, chick is indeed becoming attraction in the eyes of men and became one of the band’s popularity medongkrak strategy for itself what else if the guitarist that’s gorgeous, it’s no wonder not a few bands of top Indonesian guitarist who wears a chick in formasinya. like Thevirgin (mita on guitar) Vendetta (prisa on guitar) box (cua on bass) The Rock (Icez on Bass) and much more.

But venomena is also going on in other countries such as Japan, taukah you the bands in Japan also found many beautiful guitarist guitarist skill and musikalitasnya above the average loh.

curious and Interestingly this age girls very young guitarist anyone and what sort of face was the guitarist on this pretty Japanese following us in auto summary

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