Buy A House? Also in need of additional Expenses

Easing the provision of Loan to Value (LTV) by Bank Indonesia (BI) since August 1999, in fact be a fresh breeze for property seekers. The easing could allow consumers to buy a home with an affordable down payment magnitudes.

Although the House is yours, prepare the extra funds also to renovate several parts in the new House. According to Elga Devanya, Administrator of the KPR in House, the jewel of the castle of harmony 2, Cileungsi, not least the consumers who renovate their homes after the timeout interval 100 complaints a day after handover of the unit.

“There is a standard raw is not changed by developers in the 100 days of the complaint, such as installation rumah solo  or disposal of water. In order for consumers to have adequate instalansi, they are renovating the anniversary according to needs and financial readiness, “said Elga.

Similar with Elga, Anastasia Safeer Ahmad, marketing Residential Ciomas Hills also recognized that for the sake of convenience, not least the consumers to have to replace his home devices, such as door until sanitair.

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The following is a list of expenses that generally you should provide post-war home purchase:

1. Deepen the well water and widen the septic tank

In certain circumstances, you may need to create or deepen the well to get good water quality. For example, the drinking water service company (PAM Jaya) who haven’t touched Your residential area.

“In addition to deepen wells, consumers also should widen the septic tank. The width of the septic tank should ideally tailored to the number of family members living in the home. While the size of the septic tank width given by the developer is usually still revolves around 1 metre with a depth of 1.20 meters, “said Elga.

He suggested that inhabited houses four people should have a septic tank as wide as 2 meters. “The cost of the widened septc tanks and deepen the well bore this could cost around Rp3 million – Rp3,5 million,” he said.

2. Replace door and hinges

After buying the House, check the condition of the door leaf. According to Elga, most consumers much of the change leaves the door with security reasons.

“Leaves the door brings the consumer of course complies with the standards that currently offered by early developers. However, because of the safety factor and perhaps aesthetics often encourage consumers to replace leaves the door. ”

Replacement door also makes consumers feel more secure, because the key to his house ever takes part replaced.

3. Kitchen Remodeling

Some residential not close their kitchen section. This makes consumers should renovate the kitchen with the addition of building materials. “The cost of remodeling the kitchen is quite varied, usually the cheapest Rp10 million – to parlay the million,” said Elga.

Anastasia added, “these renovations are usually done for residents who are already married and having children. On the contrary, for those who aren’t married are usually not in a hurry, while you raise money, “he added

4. birthday Painting

New home owners are usually repeated repainting interior and exterior home to feel the nuances that correspond to his expectations. Usually, the user must prepare a budget of around Rp 30,000/square meter for painting the walls.

5. The cost of adding sanitair

While reading the specification building on brochure, you may feel is not suitable with a choice of predefined sanitair brand developer. If the building is not yet so you can request product options themselves.

If a building already so you have to set up extra funds to replace shower (around Usd 200,000), the closet (approximately USD 3,000,000) and sinks (approximately USD 500,000)

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