Marvel Comics disiplinkan Indonesia the Insert Action within the 212 X Download

Marvel Comics disiplinkan Indonesia the Insert Action within the 212 X Download

Last Saturday, Marvel said it would revoke the paper edition of the X-Men comics first Gold which is a comic remake of the X-Men franchise, after protests in Indonesia readers Reddit and on various social media reserved message anti-Christian and anti-Jewish in some pages of the comic.

Messages that angered readers Indonesia refers to political friction between Basuki Tjahaja full moon (Ahok) running back this year.

Some of the images in the comic refers to opponents of Ahok called the New York times as a group of hardliners. Others not much related to the politics of Indonesia and more a matter of anti-Jewish, said critics.

Cartoonists who inserts the messages in an Syaf Ardian, a citizen of Indonesia.

Merunyamkan makin noise it Marvel was recently criticized after one of the Executive blamed the deterioration of sales because readers underestimate female characters and non-whites.

Marvel is very surprised by the reference to religious intolerance that appear on the pages of the X-Men Gold. The company said the work was “inserted without knowing the meaning of the symbols.”

“It does not reflect the views of the author, editor or anyone at Marvel and inclusive direct opposition in the Marvel Comics Universe and the purpose of the X-Men were created,” said Marvel.

“The paper will be revoked from the next printing, digital versions, and the trade paperback as well as disciplinary action will do.”

Marvel does not mention disciplinary steps what will apply to Syaf, a part-time artist who’s been drawing for Marvel and other companies since 2007.

A Marvel spokesman, Jeff Klein, refused to answer the question of the relationship of the company with an Syaf.

Marvel mentions Syaf in promotional material for the X-Men Gold before it launched last week and an interview published last month in which Syaf says work at Marvel was “a dream come true.”

The New York Times said Syaf not replying to emails to answer this problem but he had time to answer the controversy in the Facebook account has now been removed.

“I don’t hate Christians or Jews,” she wrote on Facebook.

In that comic panel, Colossus, one of the X-Men characters wearing t-shirts “QS 5:51”.

Readers of Indonesia calling simbil that refer to Aquran used to fight opponents Ahok kegubernaran Ahok back.

In another panel, a symbol of “212” appeared in front of a store. Readers of Indonesia recognized him as a major protest held December last year.

The comic also gave rise to the leader of the X-Men, Jewish heroine called Kitty Pryde. He is pictured standing in front of a jewelry shop and so the J-E-W striking looks over his head.

This is the meaning of the color Passport

Did you know there are only four color passport in the world? Maybe you think pure Passport color just for aesthetic value, but you are wrong.

It turns out that each country had specific reasons in choosing one of four colors fortheir passport.

So, what are the colors and their meanings?


Red is the color that is most commonly used. This color is usually selected countries that have a history of or adhere to the Communist system. The citizens of Slovenia, Serbia, Latvia, Romania, China, Russia, Poland and Georgia have a red Passport.

In addition, this colour is also used EU Member States, except for Croatia.

Countries that are interested in joining the European Union, including Turkey, Macedonia and Albania also change color to red passports several years ago.

Other countries are choosing red is Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.


Blue is the color of the second most widely used for the Passport. The blue symbolises the “new world” and the colors used 15 Caribbean countries. Countries in South America, such as Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay are also using the blue passport, the cover symbolises the relations with Mercosur, the South American countries.

One of the famous blue passports are the property of u.s. citizens, but they recentlyreplaced it so blue in 1976.

United Kingdom also wear the color blue for his passport, but that old blue color was replaced with red wine in 1988,


Most of the muslim countries using the Green Passport, for example Indonesia, Morocco, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. This is because green is considered a favorite colorRasullullah Muhammad S.A.W.

The color green is also considered as a symbol of nature and life.

Most West African countries, including Nigeria, Niger and Segal also had a Green Passport color, but the colors were chosen because they were included in the Economic Community of West African States.


This is the most rare color passport. Some African countries, such as Botswana, Zambia, Burundi, Gabon, Angola, Chad, Congo and Malawi have a passport.

Citizens of New Zealand also had black passport because it is the country’s nationalcolor, as reported by The Sun.

The things this “crazy” recorded at medsos

The things this “crazyrecorded at medsos

Social media has become a kind of bag that stores a variety of things ranging fromsacred heart until events on the ground water that even makes the head bergeleng-geleng. What are that?


1. Suicide of original man from Jakarta
Not long ago a video circulated in cyberspace contains a live broadcast of a man committing suicide, a known named Pahinggar Spark in social media Facebook.


In the video, the original man from Jakarta that eliminates his own life by hanging himself in a way.


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2. Officials of the MA “ngamuk” at polantas
Still remember the incident a woman named Dora Natalia Iriawan raging on polantas, because it felt the officers hindered kendaraanya? The video contains a raging Dora is known to be working in the Supreme Court (MA) was uploaded to several social media and quickly spread.


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3. Fever “om telolet om
The video contains a row of kids in the street while carrying a paper that reads “omtelolet om” on various social media ever seized public attention.


In the video, the kids look laughter wait as each bus passing by while you lift the paper which they carry while shouts the words “om telolet om“. This entertainment, admits one of the user’s Facebook account.


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4. Curhatan heart Avril and Awkarin
Poured out of the liver through social media has become the choice of a number of people, call it celebrity Avril and teenage girl named Karina Novilda or known as Awkarin.


In 2009, Avril became the public spotlight because uploads the video contains the outpouring of anger questioning his heart and various problems in life.


In the video berurasi about three minutes of it, is seen singingnyayi, dancing to shout.


“This song make anyone nyakitin gue. Anybody, “Avril said that at that time wore asleeveless dress and white headbands.


After that, a few years later, the videos contain the outpouring of hearts Avril againcirculating in social media. The contents are varied, ranging from any chronology of the pick-up itself to RS Abdi Waluyo, until desire on the fruit of the heart, Sienna.


Not only Avril, Awkarin is also the subject of discussion because of the netizen recently uploaded a video containing a love story to vulgarnya photos on Instagram. Because unggahannya, he had reported to the child protection Commission of Indonesia (KPAI).

Ahold’s five foreign languages is important to You

Ahold‘s five foreign languages is important to You

For most people who want to learn a foreign language, language of the United Kingdom becomes a necessity and choice. However, in addition to the language of the United Kingdom, there are still other languages you need to learn, which is useful ifyou want to work abroad.


What are some?


1. Mandarin


Since 2000, China became the largest business partner for most countries in the world. If you want to work in Asia, learn Mandarin would certainly be a must, so you canchat without a hitch on the population there.


Remember, although the pronunciation of Mandarin Chinese is very complex, but ituses grammatical structure is relatively simple and has no conjugations or difference between gender and number.


2. The language of France


France has become one of the tourist destinations in Europe and master the language of France is good for tourists, tour guides, hotel managers and all those involvedin the industry in the region.


For those who study political science or interested in the fields of diplomacy, understanding the language of Francethe official language of the United Nations, the European Union, the International Olympic Committeewould certainly be a better value.


In addition, the community of the region of sub-Saharan Africa also speak in French, making more of this language speakers. Already understand the language of the United Kingdom or Spain? because of the similarities between the two languages, French-language studies you will be much easier.


3. language of Spain


Though Spain Learn language will not make you stand out in the United States, butdoes not mean learning this language useless samasekali.


The official language in 21 countries, became the second most used in the world. The languages of Spain also became official languages of the United Nations, the European Union and the World Trade Organization, and is often included in a Curriculum Vitae (CV) a variety of professions ranging from diplomats, politicians, immigrants and those involved in the field of tourism.


4. language of Germany


Germany language became an official language in some areas such as Ausria, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Liechtenstein, making it the mother tongue society 18 percent in Europe.


This language is taught extensively in secondary schools around the world. In fact, about 68 percent of students study languages Germany Japan.


5. Portuguese


This language is spoken in 11 countries and regions including Africa, Goa (India), Portugal and Brazil. Add this language proficiency in your CV can be a location step when you want to work in the area of Amerila Latin.


This language is relatively not too difficult to learn, especially if you are already proficient speaking Romance languages (France, Spain, Italy). So as reported by the official World Economic Forum (WEF).