Want to Have a Home Fast? Reduce Spending!

Want to Have a Home Fast? Reduce Spending!

Who does not want to have a house? Everyone would want to. The problem is that if no effort is made to make it happen you are just keeping a dream. At least try to start saving and looking for additional income.

But the additional income will not mean anything if your expenses also increase. So little by little start reducing some expenses that have a major impact on your financial condition.

For that, these are the steps that you need to apply to reduce the expenses so that the closer you get to have a dream home.

Using public transport

Without your awareness, traveling to the office each day using a private car is one form of waste. Indeed, driving by own car feels good, but you need to spend money on fuel, pay tolls, pay for parking, and routine maintenance.

Occasionally leave the car at home and use public transport. Remember that every time you use a public transport you do not have to buy gas, pay tolls, and pay for parking so it can save you a lot more money.

If you have the opportunity to leave or leave the office with a gambar rumah friend in the same direction, you may alternately and he can give each other a ride.

Stop buying new clothes

If you open the closet and find some new clothes that accumulate and have not got used, stop buying clothes for the next few months. As for the old clothes are still good but do not want to be used again, you can sell it online.

By doing a ‘diet’ shopping new clothes like this on a regular basis then you can use the money to increase the down payment. This step will certainly help speed up your dreams.

Unplug the unused electronic equipment

Are there any household appliances that have the outlet installed fixed, but you rarely use them? For example microwave, coffee maker, and electric oven.

Unplug immediately after you finish using all electronic equipment, including television and washing machine. Electronic equipment that is not revoked will still ‘eat’ electrical power.

Stop being a gym member

How often do you exercise in the gym? If you only visit the gym once a month, you may only waste money if you extend membership. Better not to continue your membership program and do sports around the house just like running, cycling, or yoga.

Your House Want For Sale? Know Which Home Section Has Selling Value

Your House Want For Sale? Know Which Home Section Has Selling Value

When you intend to sell a house, of course, many efforts must be done in addition to advertising and waiting for potential buyers to come. Just a suggestion, it is very important to know which part of the house is first seen or sought by potential buyers when visiting the home of his target.

Surely there are several rooms in the house that usually becomes a decisive part for potential buyers to make decisions; Whether the house is worth buying or not.

And as summarized by zen.homezada.com then here is a list of rooms as well as suggestions for improvement to make the house look more attractive to prospective buyers.


Many prospective home buyers who consider this room is desain rumah minimalis very important. A large family usually looks for a large bathroom and has a bath tub, while for active young couples are usually more attracted to a practical bathroom with a shower.

Trim and clean all parts of the bathroom before the prospective buyer arrives, make sure this room is in the best condition.


Home selling tips
Before the prospective buyer arrives, make sure the bed sheets are newly replaced and no clothes are scattered about.

This room is one room that is important because its function as a place of rest that is used from night until morning. Therefore, of course, many prospective buyers who want a bedroom that feels comfortable and make you relax.

Families who already have children will usually be attracted to spacious rooms in order to put the cot or the bed level. So before the prospective buyer arrives, make sure the bed sheets are newly replaced and no clothes are scattered about.

Painting rooms or changing room curtains is also recommended.


Home selling tips
If you want to make the kitchen look sparkling try to clean the surface of the kitchen with baking soda and vinegar.

The kitchen is the heart of the house – especially for a large family. Usually prospective buyers like this will find a comfortable kitchen because they will spend much time in the room.

In contrast to young couples who usually only see the practicality in use. If you want to make the kitchen look sparkling try to clean the surface of the kitchen with baking soda and vinegar. Repeat also the kitchen wall for a fresh look.

Family room

This room is also the center of attention when a prospective buyer comes in, this is where they can chat and interact with the whole family. Where to watch TV, do homework, and more.

Make sure the family room does not look messy when potential buyers come. Note also whether there are stains attached to the sofa or carpet. Immediately clean with a special liquid.

Newlyweds Must Read This Before Buying a House

Newlyweds Must Read This Before Buying a House

One of the dreams of a newly married couple, in addition to immediately have a baby usually is to buy a house together. And buying a home can be one of the biggest decisions in everyone’s life so it will be an unforgettable experience.

Therefore, it is important to act cautiously, be patient, and make wise decisions. To make it easier for newly married couples who intend to buy a house safely, these are the steps that need to be known.

Manage finances well

Plan spending and saving together. Calculate the amount of income, savings, investments, and debt – including credit card debt. Then make a monthly spending budget, pay off current debt, and set aside money for emergency funds.

If you and your spouse do not have an emergency fund, consider making this a top priority so that the financial condition is secure. Emergency funds can be used in case of a sudden and costly event.

Determine the area of ​​the house

Make sure you and your partner buy a home that suits the abilities and needs to make all family members feel comfortable. For example, if a newly married couple plans to have just one child, a small house or apartment might be right for your family.

Conversely, if you and your spouse wish to form a large family, a wider home would be more comfortable than a small house. Buying a house that is not the right size will affect family life for years.

Do research on new environment

Next, define your new residential environment. Do you want a jam-free environment that does not extend the trip to work? Or do you like the neighborhood close to the school?

There is nothing wrong if you get acquainted with your prospective neighbors and find out information about traffic conditions and the quality of schools in the area.


Every week touring some residential areas to find the right place for your family can be tiring and boring. So avoid getting stuck in the process of finding a home that can create stress.

Another ingenious way is to search online. And as a recommendation you can search at Rum, a leading property portal in Indonesia that reviews property reviews in depth and objectivity.

Buy A House? Also in need of additional Expenses

Easing the provision of Loan to Value (LTV) by Bank Indonesia (BI) since August 1999, in fact be a fresh breeze for property seekers. The easing could allow consumers to buy a home with an affordable down payment magnitudes.

Although the House is yours, prepare the extra funds also to renovate several parts in the new House. According to Elga Devanya, Administrator of the KPR in House, the jewel of the castle of harmony 2, Cileungsi, not least the consumers who renovate their homes after the timeout interval 100 complaints a day after handover of the unit.

“There is a standard raw is not changed by developers in the 100 days of the complaint, such as installation rumah solo  or disposal of water. In order for consumers to have adequate instalansi, they are renovating the anniversary according to needs and financial readiness, “said Elga.

Similar with Elga, Anastasia Safeer Ahmad, marketing Residential Ciomas Hills also recognized that for the sake of convenience, not least the consumers to have to replace his home devices, such as door until sanitair.

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The following is a list of expenses that generally you should provide post-war home purchase:

1. Deepen the well water and widen the septic tank

In certain circumstances, you may need to create or deepen the well to get good water quality. For example, the drinking water service company (PAM Jaya) who haven’t touched Your residential area.

“In addition to deepen wells, consumers also should widen the septic tank. The width of the septic tank should ideally tailored to the number of family members living in the home. While the size of the septic tank width given by the developer is usually still revolves around 1 metre with a depth of 1.20 meters, “said Elga.

He suggested that inhabited houses four people should have a septic tank as wide as 2 meters. “The cost of the widened septc tanks and deepen the well bore this could cost around Rp3 million – Rp3,5 million,” he said.

2. Replace door and hinges

After buying the House, check the condition of the door leaf. According to Elga, most consumers much of the change leaves the door with security reasons.

“Leaves the door brings the consumer of course complies with the standards that currently offered by early developers. However, because of the safety factor and perhaps aesthetics often encourage consumers to replace leaves the door. ”

Replacement door also makes consumers feel more secure, because the key to his house ever takes part replaced.

3. Kitchen Remodeling

Some residential not close their kitchen section. This makes consumers should renovate the kitchen with the addition of building materials. “The cost of remodeling the kitchen is quite varied, usually the cheapest Rp10 million – to parlay the million,” said Elga.

Anastasia added, “these renovations are usually done for residents who are already married and having children. On the contrary, for those who aren’t married are usually not in a hurry, while you raise money, “he added

4. birthday Painting

New home owners are usually repeated repainting interior and exterior home to feel the nuances that correspond to his expectations. Usually, the user must prepare a budget of around Rp 30,000/square meter for painting the walls.

5. The cost of adding sanitair

While reading the specification building on brochure, you may feel is not suitable with a choice of predefined sanitair brand developer. If the building is not yet so you can request product options themselves.

If a building already so you have to set up extra funds to replace shower (around Usd 200,000), the closet (approximately USD 3,000,000) and sinks (approximately USD 500,000)

Currently, there is an easy and sophisticated way to know your unit in three dimensions through the Review of Property

Buy A Used House Bureaucracy Vs. Used Cars

The process of buying a home and a car – even though the payoff equally credit – is something different. Yes, though both are indeed possible to use financing through banks or leasing.

If buying a home are called credit MORTGAGES (Mortgages), then on the purchase of cars known as KPM (Car ownership credit). And both also equally enforce provisions of Bank Indonesia as a minimum DP 25 – 30 per cent of the value of the sale.

For the difference usually lies in the bureaucracy of the filing or maintaining pembiayaannya. Compared with a car leasing, leasing arrangements of the House will be a little extra effort. In addition to the seller, the buyer, and banks, there is still a party member who was instrumental in the legality of home credit in the process.

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And for more details, check out the difference:

Former Home Loan

The large number of parties involved makes the process of bureaucratic filing home loan is a bit troublesome. Moreover, everything is indeed to be done alone by buyer. In fact, some times the bank and the notary will require the presence of husband and wife (buyers) to affix the signature.

With the length of the process that must be traversed to mean there will also be additional costs that must be incurred. So in addition to the purchase price of the home, there will be also the administrative fee which must be paid to the bank, appraisal fees, insurance, provision, and also the cost of the notary.

Notary fee itself covers a number of the costs between them as the cost of checks, validation certificate of tax Sale Certificate, (AJB), the cost of Turning the name (BBN), a power of attorney to give rights to Dependents (SKHMT), and the Act of Granting rights to Dependents (APHT). And if combined it costs around Rp 5 million.

Time of filing home loan, the bank will also perform the appraisal. Starting from judging whether the buyer deserves to be given a loan, and how the funds should be digelontorkan bank to the buyer. Usually the number is around 80 percent of the price of the House being the remainder must be paid by the buyer to the seller.

Appraisal of the bank is certainly not free. There is a fee charged banks to do appraisal and survey. And the bad news, not necessarily the buyer will obtain the consent of the bank. So before you file a MORTGAGE it is recommended to measure your financial capabilities.

Used Car Loan

While filing for CAR LOANS or car loans to banks is relatively easier than filing the KPR. So after finding a car and the appropriate price, the buyer can directly ask the loan financing to the bank.

The process of initially i.e. fill the submission form and attach the required documents (such as identity cards, family card, TAX ID, marriage licenses, husband/wife photo, salary slips, etc).

After the document is complete, then the bank will send a team of Surveyors to see their homes and others to determine whether the buyer deserves a loan or not.

A number of banks are offering CAR LOANS programs vary. Ranging from interest rate differentials, non specific costs, insurance packages, ease of payment, up to the tenor of credit up to 4 or 5 years for used cars.

However some banks also limited the types of financing used cars that will put forward – is usually based from the age of the car. Certainly almost all brands and types of cars are there in Indonesia could have filed its credit financing. Even some banks also undertakes the financing of cars though not sold in Indonesia.

As with any purchase of MORTGAGES, as jamainan, the bank will also save files or important documents of the car (REGISTRATION) for the buyer of mengangsur in accordance with the tenor of the agreed credit.

Interestingly, during the process of mengangsur, if buyers have more money and want to pay off, most banks will allow it. Surely there is a small additional fee that must be paid.

Unlike the MORTGAGE in which the bank has prepared a penalty when the buyer pay off the debts before running out the tenor of credit. Usually the amount of 1% from the rest of the credit must be repaid principal.

Indeed if compared to leasing outside the bank, bank CAR LOANS is much more difficult and require more time. But surely it is far easier than taking care of the KPR.