Designing Pedestrian Walk

Pedestrian path is one of the complementary elements that must be present on thepublic garden, primarily to facilitate the citizens who want to exercise. Elements of this garden can also be applied to the Garden House for example area connecting the carport with a terrace House or between one area and another area of activity.

When we are walking in the path of the pedestrian, the aspect of comfort and security aspects is a major consideration. How should design the path jasa pembuatan taman minimalis pedestrian? Beloware given some important points that need to be prepared.

Line Pattern

Specify the pattern against a pedestrian path to be traversed with ease. Dent, bend,and the formation of the shape of the path pedestrian should preferably be made as smooth as possible so when we are walking fast or running small, will feel comfortable. Should avoid the formation of a sharp bend in the shape of broken.

The structure of the

Although the load and traffic – his lighter, it’s good when the pedestrian lines made with a sturdy Foundation structure so that its surface is stable. Embedded foundations 10 cm to 15 cm into the ground was enough withstand the burden well.

Cover Materials

Because of being in outer space, the influence of the weather often caused the road surface to become slippery and Mossy. To avoid incidents fell then we recommendusing the floor covering material that antiselip like conblock and kesat, corals brush, and natural stone. When using materials from the cement acian then he should be given a texture so that it is not slippery and antiselip. Avoid slick materials usage such as ceramics.

Avoid Dark Corners

The corner of a dark damp atmosphere triggered and Mossy. So, should the pedestrian lane is in an environment that is open and not closed by the plant.

The Motif Gives “Color”

Variations are often applied to floor covering material with cement make acian pattern grafir on its surface made customized. Typically, the printed manual by using the mold a variety of leaves of plants. Very unique and inspiring.

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