Healthy Eating For Women Over 40

“You are what you eat” how many times have we heard that? Well I truly believe it, by eating healthily and for substance, there is no need to follow diets. As you reach 40 and beyond, think of aging as ripening, in other words don’t get obsessive about being stick-thin. After all not everyone is supposed to be skinny and anyway if you’re too thin after 40 you tend to look older. Instead aim to be healthy and fit and find out what your healthy weight should be, chances are you already know. Beware of ncrash diets, and “fat free” foods, they are packed full of sugar, so don’t be deceived by it all!

Healthy eating for women over 40 is all about re-learning a tasty and healthy¬†jus kurus langsing way of eating. Eat seasonal, local produce whenever possible. You will find that as you age certain foods that you used to eat when you were younger will give you indigestion, such as “fish & chips” so substitute it with baked fish and a healthy salad. The secret is to get to know your body and work with it not against it. Don’t fight the inevitable, just support its changes with common sense.

A Mediterranean diet is so delicious. With its high content of fish, olive oil, fresh vegetables, and fruit and it makes nutritional sense too. Cook with olive oil whenever possible, use butter sparingly and grill your food whenever you can. Season your salads with lemon juice and a drizzle of olive oil, its delicious! Try experimenting with different ingredients, you’ll be amazed at the results.

A word about meat – cut down on your meat intake and substitute it with oily fish, grilled or baked, at least twice a week. Sardines and mackerel play an important part in healthy eating, particularly for women over 40 and don’t cost much at all. Experiment with new recipes, there are so many different ways to cook these delicious fish. Make sure your diet is calcium rich as it is very important in helping prevent osteoporosis which is very common in women over 40

Make sure you drink plenty of water; it’s great for your skin. Replace normal tea with green tea and avoid fizzy drinks if you possibly can as they blow you out and give you cravings. If you get peckish in between meals, try snacking on a handful of nuts and raisins or a piece of fruit and a cup of herbal tea.

A bit of good news girls, did you know that a glass or two of red wine is actually very good for you, it’s full of antioxidants. Moderation in everything is the key, the odd treat is good for the soul so if you fancy a piece of chocolate, go for eat, only don’t eat the whole bar all at once, keep some for another day!

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