Marvel Comics disiplinkan Indonesia the Insert Action within the 212 X Download

Marvel Comics disiplinkan Indonesia the Insert Action within the 212 X Download

Last Saturday, Marvel said it would revoke the paper edition of the X-Men comics first Gold which is a comic remake of the X-Men franchise, after protests in Indonesia readers Reddit and on various social media reserved message anti-Christian and anti-Jewish in some pages of the comic.

Messages that angered readers Indonesia refers to political friction between Basuki Tjahaja full moon (Ahok) running back this year.

Some of the images in the comic refers to opponents of Ahok called the New York times as a group of hardliners. Others not much related to the politics of Indonesia and more a matter of anti-Jewish, said critics.

Cartoonists who inserts the messages in an Syaf Ardian, a citizen of Indonesia.

Merunyamkan makin noise it Marvel was recently criticized after one of the Executive blamed the deterioration of sales because readers underestimate female characters and non-whites.

Marvel is very surprised by the reference to religious intolerance that appear on the pages of the X-Men Gold. The company said the work was “inserted without knowing the meaning of the symbols.”

“It does not reflect the views of the author, editor or anyone at Marvel and inclusive direct opposition in the Marvel Comics Universe and the purpose of the X-Men were created,” said Marvel.

“The paper will be revoked from the next printing, digital versions, and the trade paperback as well as disciplinary action will do.”

Marvel does not mention disciplinary steps what will apply to Syaf, a part-time artist who’s been drawing for Marvel and other companies since 2007.

A Marvel spokesman, Jeff Klein, refused to answer the question of the relationship of the company with an Syaf.

Marvel mentions Syaf in promotional material for the X-Men Gold before it launched last week and an interview published last month in which Syaf says work at Marvel was “a dream come true.”

The New York Times said Syaf not replying to emails to answer this problem but he had time to answer the controversy in the Facebook account has now been removed.

“I don’t hate Christians or Jews,” she wrote on Facebook.

In that comic panel, Colossus, one of the X-Men characters wearing t-shirts “QS 5:51”.

Readers of Indonesia calling simbil that refer to Aquran used to fight opponents Ahok kegubernaran Ahok back.

In another panel, a symbol of “212” appeared in front of a store. Readers of Indonesia recognized him as a major protest held December last year.

The comic also gave rise to the leader of the X-Men, Jewish heroine called Kitty Pryde. He is pictured standing in front of a jewelry shop and so the J-E-W striking looks over his head.

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