Photo of Vault mosque

Photo Vault

Each form or ornament and anything that exists on the dome will show a deep meaning for every person who can understand and find out. Because of the shape of the dome will be mencermin circumstances or expressed the meaning of a message is the building of the mosque itself. The various types and variations of the dome of the mosque of the fascinate every eye that looked at it. There are several vault in the world that can be enshrined in the Photo Vault’s most unique and attract the attention of the world. Photo of the dome – Vault will make each eye of the beholder will be berdecak AWE because of the beauty of the dome – Vault.

The mosque of the golden dome in Depok, West Java was a mosque has a dome 24-karat gold-plated mosaic that adds to the beautiful building of the mosque so that many people who come there to mengabadikannya. Photo Vault that is not less interesting is at the mosque An Nuruni on the streets of Yogyakarta, Solo where the mosque has a dome roof similar to buildings in Moscow Russia with variegated form and colorful so the mosque is also the nickname of the mosque of candy. In Europe there is a mosque in Zagreb, the mosque harga kubah masjid has a dome which is split. The dome-shaped lonnjong and green like the split right in tenggahnya because one side of the dome is taller than the other.

Pekerja menyelesaikan pengecetan kubah mesjid besar Moun Geudong Lhokseumawe, Provinsi Aceh. Selasa (10/6). Pengecetan kubah itu untuk menyambut bulan Suci Ramadhan 1435 Hijriah mendatang. ANTARA FOTO/Rahmad/ed/ama/14

Photo Vault world beautiful Mosque is another Straight in Syria, the mosque of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan in Abu Dhabi, which has a white dome and form certain patterns of arrangement with the dome which is multi-faceted. The dome of the mosque of sheikh Zayed Road which has a dome that can be memancarakan light is blue when the evenings that make the mosque like a fairytale Castle. The dome of the great mosque In Brunei Darussalam that has many colourful dome with one main dome in the middle and on the four sides there is a tower with a beautiful dome as well as several small domes surrounding the main dome. Photo Vault the next beautiful there in the great mosque of the dome in India, the great mosque of the dome of the 70s – Nur in Pekan Baru Riau, the dome of the great mosque in North America, the dome of the great mosque of Jumeirag in Dubai, the dome of the Mosque Hassan II in Casablanca, Morrocco and many more beautiful mosque mosque – in a world that has a background photo Vault extraordinary beauty.

Photo Vault of several mosques in the picturesque world do not make forget that the purpose of each mosque was built as a place of worship and hold on to the Creator God Almighty. There are no restrictions that hinders everyone to build something beautiful and Moreover, places of worship especially if the purpose is “relaxing” with the intention of making more love and closer on the creator.

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