Reveals The Secrets Of Sound Guitar Eross Candra So7


Who does not know Eross Candra, guitarist and songwriter of the band pop Jogjakarta Sheila on 7 is one of the guitarists who are very consistent against his guitar sound, Bright and overdrive.

In every action of his, overdrive sound has always been the main choice. Any guitar amps are always in the position of the drive. Do not miss your favorite pedals Eross tubescreamer CPUs for memboost in order to get a longer sustain time of lead or melody guitar.

“The position of kob drive direction 16, tone and level 1 hour 3 hours!”, his emphatic when asked about the setting at tubescreamernya. As for getting a clean sound deadly tubescreamer Eross and close to half the volume in his guitar.

In the selection of guitars for recording, Eross very selectively choose what fits for guitar rhythms and songs were taped. For stuffing new rhythm, Eross extensive use of acoustic guitar. The current flagship acoustic guitar is the Gibson Western Country which is Sheryl Crow signature series.

At the session of electric guitar to the tune of upbeat Eross prefer wearing a Les Paul Custom 1972 hers to produce guitar sound responsive reply. As heard on the song true friends (album of classic Stories for the future), How Worthy (07 Dec), and Radio (507).

As for the song that beat, medium Fender Guitar on trust eross to better get the characters bright and crunch in each passage typical of him. Still. With vintage guitars, he used a Fender Telecaster and Stratocaster 1967 1971 as heard in our song (album Sheila on 7), and (Sheila on7), an Afloat There (hold-The Best of), How (determine the direction)

The name Didit Saad has been very well known amongst guitarists, Guitarist of British Rock, Jazz, Pop and Blues this is seriously played guitar since the age of 11 years.Music talent easily grown due to the Owner’s full name is Farid Ahmad grew up to a family of musicians.
After playing with a couple of musicians such as Arthur Kaunang, Iwa K, Imanez this Ottojam, and Oppie Andaresta birth Jakarta, guitarist 11Maret 1973 it established and became a member of the Plastic band and toured with them.
Together with the plastic he managed to spawn three albums. Their first album, “plastic” (self titled), was released in 1995, followed by “instinct” and harmony of the psycho-1997, and “.”. Listen to at the moment of calm “-1999 (Bulletin of the music).
Didit also plays for portraits and Melly Goeslaw recording sessions and a tour of their promo from 1998 until 2006.
In mid-2000 he retired from plastic and decided to meproduseri solo album Viera Kesepian “debuted # 1” (Target Pro Records). As a consequence gitar akustik yamaha
of the album and itsmusic travel Viera Kesepian, Viera Kesepian Didit and make acquaintance with Syaharani then tried to support him by making an album project called “Magma” (EKI Prod), and released in 2002, followed by ESQI: ef (Syaharani and Queenfireworks project)-for you (RPM record) in 2006.

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