Solution N Indosat options Buy Applications Billing Currently in PlayStore – Others mah have a lot to buy applications and games in PlayStore using a pulse without a credit card, making them easier and faster. Friends also have a lot to buy another coin to use pulse or subscription BBM PIN wearing payment credits, but why pass you trying to use a card Indosat nonexistent

Enable option Indosat Billing, as well as when replaced using the card of Telkomsel, still no option Receivable Accounts Telkomsel me and even have to try to use the XL card or Axis but enable selection of billing xl / fixed axis does not exist, how dong solution.

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The lack of payment options PlayStore using pulse could be due at the time of making PlayStore account you use American country or any other country, then it is definitely the option of Indosat or Telkomsel billing is not there, because you are considered not to be in Indonesia.

That’s why the solution is you have to change the address in PlayStore into Indonesia, also fill in the address with zip code, province and your phone number.

How do I change the address in PlayStore? Easy to do, which is you go into then select Address Book or Address Book, Edit on your address.

Fox into Indonesian state, complete address input from the city name, province, postal code to phone numbers that will be used as a means of payment in PlayStore.

Once you change your address state and, further on your Android phone into the Application Settings – select Google PlayStore do Delete Data to delete old data first in PlayStore you.

Rerun Google PlayStore and jreeng, of course now there will be the option Enable Billing Indosat in PlayStore you.

Enable payment method to use this pulse, so that you can directly purchase the app, game until the coin line in PlayStore using Indosat your pulse.

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