The things this “crazy” recorded at medsos

The things this “crazyrecorded at medsos

Social media has become a kind of bag that stores a variety of things ranging fromsacred heart until events on the ground water that even makes the head bergeleng-geleng. What are that?


1. Suicide of original man from Jakarta
Not long ago a video circulated in cyberspace contains a live broadcast of a man committing suicide, a known named Pahinggar Spark in social media Facebook.


In the video, the original man from Jakarta that eliminates his own life by hanging himself in a way.


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2. Officials of the MA “ngamuk” at polantas
Still remember the incident a woman named Dora Natalia Iriawan raging on polantas, because it felt the officers hindered kendaraanya? The video contains a raging Dora is known to be working in the Supreme Court (MA) was uploaded to several social media and quickly spread.


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3. Fever “om telolet om
The video contains a row of kids in the street while carrying a paper that reads “omtelolet om” on various social media ever seized public attention.


In the video, the kids look laughter wait as each bus passing by while you lift the paper which they carry while shouts the words “om telolet om“. This entertainment, admits one of the user’s Facebook account.


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4. Curhatan heart Avril and Awkarin
Poured out of the liver through social media has become the choice of a number of people, call it celebrity Avril and teenage girl named Karina Novilda or known as Awkarin.


In 2009, Avril became the public spotlight because uploads the video contains the outpouring of anger questioning his heart and various problems in life.


In the video berurasi about three minutes of it, is seen singingnyayi, dancing to shout.


“This song make anyone nyakitin gue. Anybody, “Avril said that at that time wore asleeveless dress and white headbands.


After that, a few years later, the videos contain the outpouring of hearts Avril againcirculating in social media. The contents are varied, ranging from any chronology of the pick-up itself to RS Abdi Waluyo, until desire on the fruit of the heart, Sienna.


Not only Avril, Awkarin is also the subject of discussion because of the netizen recently uploaded a video containing a love story to vulgarnya photos on Instagram. Because unggahannya, he had reported to the child protection Commission of Indonesia (KPAI).

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