What Are The Benefits Of Swim?

What Are The Benefits Of Swim? -Swimming is a sport that many popular because in addition to fun is one of the types of sports that can be able to improve health.

And the benefits of swim is as follows:

Swimming pool, sport can also burn a lot of calories. The estimate is 3 calories per mile for every pound of body weight a person per hour, and even though you’re done swimming, the body still burning calories.
The effect of water provide relaxation to the rest of the blood vessels and is very good for the circulation of the blood peredaraan. When the body floats, then the pressure that occurs in the body helps to stretch the muscle and put pressure on the otot2 in the body, and with injuries that as little as possible.
Helps develop the muscles – muscles for endurance and fitness in one’s heart to practice regularly. Preferably kontraktor pembuatan kolam renang done warming up beforehand by doing simple movements on the edge of the pool to warm up and increase the heart rate, only then proceed with doing swim.
When we do the sports pool, almost the whole body move and work, so it is very good to train the muscles in the body. Not only to train the muscles around an arm or leg, but also helps develop the shoulders and hips. Every part of your body in the water will meresponse and against the water pressure, so that your muscles will fit when you can train it continuously.
Swimming is a great suggestion for asthmatics. during the treatment process.
Swim also became one of the exercises to sharpen the work system of the brain, and this is very good for autism.
Swimming can also be used as a means to restore nerve constriction or better known by the term kejepit nerve.
For that experience problems with eyesight, senses, especially the +/-. There is one movement styles in swim often in recommend doctors.
And it turns out the swim can also facilitate the growth of our height.
That’s some of the benefits of the sport of swimming, hopefully what you already know of the benefits of swim spur yourself to fond of exercising for the sake of maintaining health.

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